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Đến với Biotechpool chắc chắn quý khách sẽ tìm được một sản phẩm ưng ý cho mình. Bởi chúng tôi làm tốt từ khâu TƯ VẤN THIẾT KẾ, CUNG CẤP THIẾT BỊXÂY DỰNG THI CÔNG HOÀN THIỆN hạng mục hồ bơi và spa tại Việt Nam. Bài viết giới thiệu sản phẩm MÁY BƠM HỒ BƠI của chúng tôi sẽ giúp quý khách có thêm góc nhìn về sản phẩm thú vị này.

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Don’t let the savings fool you. Davey PowerMaster ECO Series gives you outstanding 8-star energy efficiency with low running costs and exceptional performance. With three speeds at your fingertips you can control every pool operation for maximum savings. Or opt for the original Davey PowerMaster, a robust and powerful single speed pool pump with several motor sizes, designed to perfectly suit all pool sizes and applications.
Robust and energy efficient - the hallmarks of the Davey PowerMaster swimming pool pump range.
Renowned throughout the swimming pool industry, the Davey PowerMaster range of swimming pool pumps are the perfect pool pump for all pool applications. With single speed Davey PowerMaster models starting at 1.7hp and moving through the range up to 3hp, with a 3phase model also, there is one to suit a normal residential pool or a semi-commercial or smaller public pool.
Or maybe you want high energy efficiency of the Davey PowerMaster ECO. Three speeds, with it's 8 star energy efficiency rating, lower operating costs, low noise output and low greenhouse gas emmissions all using a cleverly designed, state of the art 3 speed brushless DC motor. So clever and effective is the Davey PowerMaster ECO, the swimming pool industry voted it the Splash 2012 Product of the Year and Energy Saving Product of the Year.
With high pressure ratings up to 23metres and large flow rates to 560lpm, filtration, infloor cleaning, water features and many other applications are covered by the Davey PowerMaster.
For swimming pools using in-floor cleaning systems, the PowerMaster 350 and PowerMaster 450 provide the pressure and flow to ensure you system works perfectly when you need it.
Recent additions to the range include the PMECO3, with control via a wired remote control and adjustable set points. The PMECO2 offers a two speed option, providing good value with operating savings and rated at 6 stars.
Powermaster fixed speed models are used successfully in aquaculture

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To ensure the best selection is made for your application, please contact a Davey dealer who will advise on the right model to suit your needs.
PowerMaster ECO

Type Input Watts Sound Level Basket Size Speed Features Star Rating
PMECO 990 64dBa Standard 3 Speed Energy Saving 8 Star
PMECO2       2 Speed Energy Saving, economical 6 Star
PMECO3 990 64dBa Standard 3 Speed Energy Saving, wired remote, adjustable speeds 8 Star


PM200 1280 64dBa Standard Single
PM250 1430 64dBa Standard Single
PM350 1670 64dBa Standard Single
PM450 2250 64dBa Standard Single







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