You have a pool, but you’re worried about problem how to keep the water is always green, clean and beautiful. You’re a person who are always busy at work, want to try to swim to relax after hard working. Sometimes, a lot of leaves fall down in the water, you don’t have a lot of time to clean up it, then you have missed swimming. HOW DO YOU DO TO HAVE A CLEAN POOL? Biotechpool can help you solve the problem and can easily swim every day as you desire.

You’re afraid how to clean up the pool alone, while it needs to have processes to do. If you’re worried about it, let’s trust us, you aren’t afraid of the lowest until the smallest detail, water filter, the scouring of the pool, because it’s our favorite job, you can directly contact with us, you’ll consult to help you solve problem quickly and the most responsile., a unit dedicated to doing well from the stage DESIGN CONSULTANT, selected consultants, MECHINE POOL and the best suited to you. At the same time, you have a team of PROFESSIONAL CONSTRUCTION with competitive price. Customer can refer to the overall price as a few clicks at:  that can hold 90% of the cost of the preliminary design for construction of the family swimming pool.

In the modern life. the outsourcing has grown strongly, pool services such as water filter, swimming pool water treatment, cleaning the pool equipment, everyone can’t do well these services. If the pool equipment malfunction, the water seems lost  at first, healthy is directly affected to customers.


Process to repair or lake water undergoes several stages, the good quality construction everywhere not win with time, time to bring the malfunction, damage or need mantenance and repair. Where are you going to? Please contact us if you need. Safety, Convenience, Quick and Quality.


1 Clean up the garbage.


2 Mix water treatment chemicals.


3 Clean up the bottom of the pool.


4 Clean up the pool.

5 Repair as soon as the malfunction.